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Price reflects extra savings.  See store associate or call for availability.

     Hard Boards:                                                                 Inflatable:

        10' BIC Ace-Tec Cross Fitness $1149.95                           Jobe Yarra 10.6 (Demo) $799.99

        10' Oxbow Play $949.99                                                 BIC SUP Fitness (Demo) $699.99

        11' Oxbow Play $999.99                                                 Airhead Na Pali $699.99

       11'6 BIC Ace-Tec Performer $1099.99                            Connelly Drifter $449.99

       11' BIC Wing $1149.95

       10'6 BIC Wahine Platinum $749.99                                Foam Top:

        9'10 BIC Dura-Tec $549.95                                              O'Brien Mercer 10'8 $549.99 

       10' Connelly Classic $749.99                                             O'Brien Mercer 8' $449.99


Many of the used boards and kayaks from our rental fleet 

are available for purchase.  Contact for pricing.



The Bilbao is a versatile kayak that will suit beginners and experienced kayakers alike.  The fluid hull shape provides a nice smooth ride, while the deck shape and quality extras allow you to carry almost any load with optimum stability and safety.  Its size and reduced weight make it easy to stow and transport.  Ideal for: exploring, sport paddling & trips with the children.

STANDARD EQUIPMENT: Integrated footrests, safety grab lines, seat & front area cushions, stern protector & wheel, bow protector, drink holder, inserts for backrest, carry handles, mooring straps, accessory stowing mesh, self-draining scuppers (2).


KEY FEATURES:  -Carries 2 adults & 1 child, plus gear.  -Adaptable for solo paddling.  -Removable wide-tyre wheels sit on an axle mounted on the kayak's keel for transportation.  Once at the water the wheels are removed and stored in a special hatch on the rear baggage area.  -Its generously-proportioned, triple-volume hull design gives the kayak a combination of excellent glide and re-assuring stability.  -The large rear section incorporates a spacious area for your gear.




We carry Surfstow SUP & Kayak Accessories.  Click the picture to view their full line-up of products.  They have everything from waterproof cases to transportation systems to underwater lights with many more accessories in between! 





Flat-water Hybrid Series

An ultra-stable platform equally suited for first-timers, family fun, fitness yoga or fishing.  The unique "hybrid" design of the Cross features a keel nose for excellent tracking, full rail-to-rail volume for enhanced stability and maximum use of the entire deck, and a full waterline to increase speed and efficiency.  Numerous attachment points for securing accessories and deck rigging come standard on all Cross models. 





Surf-Inspired Longboard Shapes

A board that is equally at home surfing a wave as it is relaxing on the local lake.  This board blends surf-inspired longboard outlines for solid wave performance with confidence-inspiring stability and a moderate rocker profile for versatility in flat-water conditions.



 ACE-TEC is the ideal material for SUPs.  A composite of a polystyrene core covered with fiberglass layers followed by a thermoformed polymer plastic coating results in a lightweight board that is rigid and highly knock-resistant.  Premium quality with the premium price!


Oxbow is a name for a river that takes a meandering path on its journey to the sea.  Rooted in France, the Oxbow brand found inspiration in this idea and has teamed up with BIC Sport to develop a new range of stand-up paddleboards that embodies the shared values, passion and philospophy of both companies.

   10' Oxbow Play $999.99                         11' Oxbow Play $1049.99



After years of development and testing BIC has introduced TOUGH-TEC, a ground-breaking boardsport technology.  This is a major step forward in durability while offering a lightweight and high performing board at an excellent value.





The FITNESS is a lightweight, portable and easy to store paddleboard optimized for fitness and yoga use.  The ultra-stable 34" wide platform give confidence to those looking to get started with SUP yoga and fitness and also allows more advanced participants to try advanced yoga postures.  A longer yoga mat style deck pad provides plenty of space for your one-water yoga and fitness practice.  At just 21 pounds, the FITNESS is a super light and easy to carry SUP when stored inside the included backpack as well as when its fully inflated.  Inflation is a cinch with the rugged 2-way pump and universal center fin box.






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